Aloyse Lenninger
Race Division Classic
World championship discipline U60
Age 55
Town Distroff
Citizenship France


Previous Glocknerman-participations: 1
Size (cm): 182
Weight (kg): 83
Training kilometers/ year: 20000
Bicycle: Cube

Previous achievements
Raid Extrême Vosgien in 2018 , finish . 570 kms 13000 altitude
Glocknerman in 2018 ultra , dont finish . 1000 kms

How did you get into extreme cycling?
To live a différent expérience . Ultra races are fun but hard at the same Time .

What were your most beautiful and hardest bike experiences?
Raid Extrême Vosgien. About 10 participations .

At Glocknerman, a large proportion of participants do not always reach the goal. Why are you convinced that you belong to the finisher?
This year i will try to finish .
Last year i have made à bad choice , ultra is very difficult .
The race is very hard ( of course the third part ) .

How do you motivate yourself for a challenge like the Glocknerman?
I try to participate for the second Time . My second chance .
Austria is beautiful ..

I get supported in sports from?
My wife and my friend Jacky .

How do you prepare for the Glocknerman?
I practice bike every day ..
i try to made in April and May 2000 kms with differents difficulties .
A night on the bike , some days with more altitude , some days with more kilometers.
I go at work with my bike at differents hours , i work in shift ..

How do you manage to endure extreme stress?
Try to stay cool . To rest well .

What's your motto?
This year is to finish .
Since 2 months , i am à great father. I dont want to disappoint my little son and i know that Time is passing very quickly .

Aloyse Lenninger - Glocknerman Classic 2019