Philipp Kaider
Race Division Ultra
World championship discipline U40
Age 33
Town Wolkersdorf
Citizenship Austria


Previous Glocknerman-participations: 0
Size (cm): 185
Weight (kg): 73
Bicycle: Ridley, Cannondale, Cervelo

Previous achievements
24h Cup #1
Race around Slovenia #3
Race around Austria (2er Team) #1, #2

At Glocknerman, a large proportion of participants do not always reach the goal. Why are you convinced that you belong to the finisher?
Überzeugt bin ich erst im Ziel

How do you motivate yourself for a challenge like the Glocknerman?
Ich will es einfach machen. Das ist Motivation genug.

I get supported in sports from?
Familie, Freunden

How do you prepare for the Glocknerman?
durch Radfahren

How do you manage to endure extreme stress?
Einfach nicht aufhören zu treten

What's your motto?
Grenzen gibt es nur im Kopf

Philipp Kaider - Glocknerman Ultra 2019